Over Night: Bishop Found on the Floor

Francistown Bishop Anthony Rebello, 72, Botswana, was “seriously injured” in his chapel during the night to April 29 according to social media posts of Gaborone Bishop Frank Nubuasah.

Of Indian origin and appointed only in July 2021, Rebello was beaten by robbers. The next morning, a house aide found him unconscious.

His life is not in danger. At the hospital, nothing abnormal was detected in the skull. Rebello is still not able to walk unassisted and “can’t remember much” of the assault.

Picture: Anthony Pascal Rebello © Francistown Diocese, CC BY, #newsXpktbqelvm
Beterschap gewenst.
The joys of ministering to the Catholic faithful in Botswana. He's lucky the local witch-doctors don't find Indians "magical".