US Bishop Forbids Priest To Hear Confession - Without Exception

With his decree (below), Lubbock Bishop Robert Milner Coerver, 65, Texas, USA, marked a new low among the directives issued by bishops during the coronavirus panic.

He not only ordered the closure of all churches, but added the following line,

“No priests are to make themselves available to hear Confessions”. He foresees no exceptions, not even for emergencies.

However, Thomas Aquinas stresses that a law is "unjust" and "doesn't bind in conscience," if the man who made it went beyond the power committed to him (ST I/II 96.4).


Gesù è con noi
I see the enemies of the Blessed Sacrament that close the Churches and prevent people from worshiping him, approaching a terrible punishment. I see them sick and on the deathbed without priest and without sacrament (AA.III.167) Prophecy of Blessed Emmerich
Gesù è con noi
In 2016 Bergogio was the one who chose this impostor as 'Bishop' who seeks perdition, of souls and not their salvation.
Many men in the trenches of the First World War converted when they saw how the Catholic chaplains would crawl through the mud and death of no man's land to absolve the dying.
Joseph a' Christian
False Bishop.
We faithful must unite for prayer services, we know what our true Shepherd proclaimed: when 2 or 3 gather in My Name, there I Am.
Francis endorses - todays morning Mass: "I would like us to pray for all those that work in the media, who work to communicate today so that people do not feel so isolated ... to help people make it through this time of lockdown."