Cologne Archdiocese: “NOTHING Changes in the Bread" - at the Novus Ordo Eucharist

Deacon Tobias Wiegelmann - after all, head of the department for "Catechesis" in the Ordinariat of Cologne Archdiocese, Germany - denies in the diocesan newspaper that transubstantiation takes places in the Novus Ordo Eucharist, and, in addition, advocates pantheism.

Pantheism believes that creator and creature are the same. Asked by a children's reporter how "Jesus can be in the bread," Wiegelmann replies that this sounds like "magic." He explains this "magic" like this, "So we have such a bread and then we say a spell and conjure something and then Jesus comes into it." Triumphantly he adds, "Of course, that's not how it's meant". However, this account reveals the liturgical reductionism of the Novus Ordo ideology.

Wiegelmann's pantheistic solution is that God is "already in everything anyway, in nature, our creation, in everything we see." If this were true, the German church tax should be paid to the zoo or the Alpine Club.

For Wiegelmann, the consecrated host is only one possibility among many to track down his "God." He explains, "Actually, I can discover God allover and in this bread I make myself particularly aware of this fact. That is why we say: 'This is the body of Christ'. Basically, something changes in us and not in the bread."

In other words: For Wiegelmann the Novus Ordo Eucharist is a conceit. In his private life Wiegelmann engages in archery. He should concentrate on that and leave theology to others.


Jeffrey Ade
Did any one read the post regarding Fr. Meuli? Of course our Lord isn't present when the "Res Sacramenti" isn't present! End of line!
Christ: Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood , you have not life within you. The deacon; Incorrect , Jesus. We shall see who is victorious on Judgement Day.
"If this were true, the German church tax should be paid to the zoo or the Alpine Club." :D Ah, that was nicely, nicely done GTV writer. Yet, somehow, those tight-fisted Teutons aren't sharing their gilt gelt.
Jan Joseph
Uit Amerika komen steeds meer berichten dat traditionele priesters vrijwillig of gedwongen door een moderne bisschop uittreden. De signalen worden steeds sterker, sommige Amerikanen beweren dat het grote schisma in de Rooms Katholieke kerk is begonnen.
Du you see the heretics in there, somewhere? Maybe Cupich and Marx? Along with the countless apostate or decadent clergy?
No fatties present. So Marx definitely isn't there. :D
Hugh N. Cry
Find the similarities