Swiss Nuncio: We Need to Settle for the Original, the Vetus Ordo

There is an urgency to move toward a "full liturgical restoration" of the Roman Rite - U.S. born Archbishop Thomas Gullickson, the Nuncio in Berne, Switzerland, writes on his blog (December 24).

He quotes Father Jeremy Driscoll OSB who explains in a Catholic News Service video that the tradition of liturgy is not primarily – as the moderns think - expressive of what people are, but impressive, "It forms us."

Gullickson comments, "I have lived long enough to understand that the expressive model does not impress and contributes significantly to disaffection among ordinary Catholics."

What was done after the council, was done according to Gullickson "with a vengeance and has reaped its meager harvest."

He suspects that the growing popularity of the Vetus Ordo among young people has to do with their being impressed by the sublimity of a rite which admits of no tinkering.

Picture: Joseph Shaw, © CC BY-NC-SA, #newsSoywobxxwv
"Not expressive but impressive" - what a perfectly simple explanation.
Is "versus ordo" widely used to mean the Latin Mass? It seems to me a bit like interchanging "marriage" and "traditional marriage".
It is "vetus ordo," Latin for the old order.
Of course. 😁 Still... "old order"... ? It just surprises me if it is equally accepted.
I don't like the term either. It's akin to "extraordinary form" which describes the real mass in terms of the phony concocted one. I was just offering a friendly correction of your "versus ordo."
😀 Thank you.
I fully agree with the demand of His Excellence, the Nuncio, to the Swiss Confederation.