The Vatican Has a Problem With Indecent Exposure?

The Vatican has a problem with nudity. A couple of days ago a naked Adonis in the Nativity Scene in Saint Peter's Square caused scandal and was even banished from Facebook.

Now a paedo-pornographic representation of Baby Jesus is at the center of attention. Baby Jesus in this year’s Nativity Scene is totally naked, although according to the Gospel of Luke, Our Lady wrapped Jesus "in swaddling clothes". But the Vatican seems not to care about faithfully sticking to the Gospel.

I advise them to cover Him up! They are not protectors of Innocence - whether it be Our Lord's OR His chosen souls.
Br. Tom, I disagree. The Christ child should never be seen as totally naked, no matter who the painter or artist is. It's a matter of respect and reverence, keeping in mind that man is a fallen being who leans towards sin.
The disgusting pigs who made this scene must be possessed. Satan must be very proud of their work as he is their role model. Woe to them! The Christ child will take vengeance in His time and then these filthy dogs will call upon the mountains to cover them but the mountains will not respond.
And she brought forth her firstborn son and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger ... Lk 2:7
Actually whether the Christ child's 'manhood' is covered depends very much on the devotional emphasis of the era. There are plenty of representations of a naked Christ child from history where the artist wanted to emphasise His complete humanity (and masculinity) of our Lord. One should always be careful not to read one's own prejudices and expectations into the work of another.