Facebook Calls Vatican Nativity Scene “Sexually Provocative”

The Vatican unveiled on December 7 the nativity scene at St Peter’s square. It consists of twenty life-size figures and puts the focus not on Jesus but on the seven corporal works of mercy.

One statue shows a muscular fully naked man. Users on called the figure “Adonis” and expressed their conviction that it has "nothing to do" with the Vatican gay mafia.

The webpage tried to use a photo of the naked man for an advertisement on Facebook. It was rejected. The reason given, “Your ad can’t include images that are sexually suggestive or provocative.”

I get the 7 corporal works of mercy message...but at Christmas people want to reflect on the Birth of Christ; not a medieval ER.
De Profundis
The Incarnation of Christ the Son of God--is sidelined so that a religion of good works becomes the message.
De Profundis
Is there no activist organization to protest on 1st amendment grounds?
Perhaps he is a welcomed representative of the millions of AIDS victims from Obama´s gay pride parades, which helps to reduce the world population. 😲
Benedict watched TV and read various newspapers. His blindspot was the internet. Pope Francis, though almost ten years younger, has a bigger blindspot.
Where is the Nativity SCENE?!!! Where is Jesus , Mary and Joseph?!!!!!
Might it be a call for us to hand out clothes to poor souls who march naked in gay pride parades?
De Profundis
Facebook is not entirely wrong...