Old Rite Survey: "We Tolerate Liturgical Abuse - Why Should We Single Out The Roman Rite?"

Diane Montagna is leaking on RemnantNewspaper.com (October 28 and ongoing) excerpts of the 2020 worldwide survey about the Roman Rite which yielded positive results but was abused by Francis to crack down on the Roman Rite. Examples.

“Many young families and younger Catholics have found the Roman Rite to be a treasure that has helped them grow in faith... even if they have not grown up with the Roman Rite, they find it enriching for the practice of faith” (a US Bishop).

“Undoubtedly, the Extraordinary Form has challenged members of the clergy about the place of rituality in Christian life, and about the dignity of celebrations” (a French Bishop).

“The Extraordinary Form has become a treasure for the Diocese from which to draw inspiration and concrete perspectives on how to renew the liturgical life of the Church” (a Pilipino Bishop).

“To omit practicing the Extraordinary Form would be to cut oneself off from the sources of the faith” (a Belgian Bishop).

“I suggest that we allow Extraordinary Form as it is. That we use the Gamaliel principle” (a Pilipino Bishop).

“If we continue to tolerate sad examples of liturgical abnormalities, experimentation, abuse, and simply poor-quality liturgies, why should we single out those connected to the Ancient Rites of the Church for special vigilance? It just doesn’t seem right” (a US Bishop).

Picture: © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsZffcvgltyp

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Jan Joseph
Zeer integere bisschoppen, maar de niet integere paus Franciscus die de uitslag manipuleert is de baas en blijft gewoon de Tridentijnse Rooms Katholieken vervolgen. Helaas heeft paus Franciscus met zijn schisma twee totaal verschillende geloven gecreëerd. Een weg terug is er niet meer.