Francis Makes Universal Masonry "Hold Its Breath"

The Gran Logia de España has again expressed "profound satisfaction" about Francis’s involvement in the February 2019 Abu Dhabi Human Fraternity initiative.

The Masonic lodge endorsed on (February 9) the first International Day of Human Fraternity which took place on February 4 with Francis’ involvement.

Since November 2019, the lodge's grand master Óscar de Alfonso belongs to the executive secretary of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges.

He communicates to the world that “universal masonry holds its breath" before - what he calls - a "giant step" taken by humanity on February 4. For De Alfonso this is “the first stone to transform the world into a temple of fraternal love that can shelter us all” - Catholics obviously excluded.

He adds ample quotes from Francis’s February 4 speech like the following empty slogan, “Today fraternity is humanity’s new frontier.”


...except the fellow on the viewer's left isn't Pope anymore @Tesa He resigned. ;-)
The prophecy of two Popes.