Francis Named “Special Delegate” To Govern Memores Domini

Francis appointed (September 24) Taranto Archbishop Filippo Santoro, 74, Italy, as special delegate to govern Memores Domini, the lay consecrated branch of the Italian movement Comunione e Liberazione.

Santoro, appointed to Taranto in 2011 by Benedict XVI, will take over governance starting September 25, when the current general government will be dissolved.

Further, the Vatican Dicastery for the Laity maintains the appointment (June 2020) of Jesuit Gianfranco Ghirlanda as a pontifical assistant of the Memores Domini.

Memores Domini were founded in 1964 and recognized as international association in 1988. They have 1,600 members in 32 countries. Four female members run Benedict XVI’s household.

Picture: Filippo Santoro, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsHuazoklave

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