Bishop Gracida: A “Day of Reckoning” Will Come for Francis

The following is the statement of Monsignor Rene Henry Gracida, the former Corpus Christi Bishop, Texas, regarding Francis’ Pachamama hocus-pocus in the Vatican gardens,

“With regard to the participation of Francis in the travesty in the Vatican Gardens you can quote me:

The participation by Francis the Merciful in the pagan rites held in the Vatican Garden is further evidence of his lack of concern for the canonical penalties he is incurring by his repeated participation in heretical and even occult religious ceremonies forbidden to all Catholics, especially the one who sits (invalidly?) on the Throne of Peter.

But then he does not seem to have let the excommunication incurred by him under the law of Universi Dominici Gregis bother him, and so the penalties incurred by him with increasing regularity these days become easier to dismiss.

A day of reckoning will come for him as it will for each of us.”

The statement was published by FromRome.Wordpress.com (October 10).


Against the first commandment
God bless Bishop Gracida
Well said indeed Bishop Gracida!