Nostalgia: New Amazon Bishops’ Conference Proclaims Gloom and Doom, Want to Help “Mother Earth”

During a June 26/29 "Zoom assembly, bishops of the Amazon area created the umpteenth transnational bishops’ conference: the Bishops’ Conference of the Amazon.“

President of the group is Cardinal Claudio Hummes, 85, who in his old age still seems to look for positions.

For the occasion, the prelates rattled down their habitual mantras like "cries of the earth and the indigenous peoples" and "our common house" and proclaimed their message of gloom and doom about the earth that is "devastated and destroyed."

They also want to "respond to the cries of the poor and of Mother Earth". However, the poor care little for the Amazonian bishops and prefer to join Protestant sects.

The real goal of the group is to "put in practice" the final document of the Amazon Synod, i.e. to introduce married priests and a Protestant Church structure.

They still hope to turn into the Amazon into a "test stand" for the universal Church although the coronavirus has stolen their show. The rest of the bishops have now jumped on the coronavirus bandwagon and forgotten about the Amazon.