PiusX Mega Church: Archdiocese Shows Humanity

“While regrettably the Church and the SSPX are not currently in full communion, the archdiocese does not consider SSPX to be schismatic”, a representative of Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann told CatholicFamilyNews.com (May 31).

This follows the recent consecration of the 1,500-seat PiusX church in St Marys.

The Archdiocese admits that people can fulfil their Sunday obligation by attending Holy Mass at PiusX, but discourages them from doing so, calling these Masses "illicit" while Novus Ordo Eucharists full of abuses and heresies are allegedly "licit".

The Archdiocese grants PiusX priests the faculty to celebrate marriages upon request which PiusX makes use of.

Picture: Immaculata Church - St. Mary's, KS, #newsOaedgafifm

Rand Miller
Perhaps the Bishop never heard of the law of non-contradiction.
So this is what it's come to; The traditional Mass is considered illicit but the protestant light Novus Ordo is just fine. I know which side i'm on
Bonnie Louise
Yeah, we are not buying that line anymore.
John A Cassani
It’s hard to imagine how “illicit” a Mass can be that is celebrated by a priest who is capable of granting valid and licit absolution.