Nuntius Now Prays the [Much Longer] Old Latin Breviary

Some weeks back, Archbishop Thomas Gullickson asked his friends on social media for prayers as he stopped saying the Novus Ordo "liturgy of the hours" and changed to the 1962 breviary.

On January 13 Gullickson wrote on his blog that the prayers were answered "in a rather delightful way."

"Since then I have been waking up at some time past midnight and praying Matins!”

His principal takeaway so far from the experience is a "new notion of time" or rather "the confirmation of long held convictions about the importance of sanctifying time... around the clock".

Picture: Thomas Gullickson, #newsIdhoqmlsgz
g-r-e-a-t ... he really saw the Light in this humble and efficient activity .. and leads all those who practice it to spiritual knowledge and close relationship with our Lord and Savior ...
amen ..