US Cardinal, Jesus Was "Reborn in Grace” – What?

Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin claimed on Twitter (January 13) that during his baptism "Christ stood with all of us sinners seeking redemption” and that “the sinless Redeemer was reborn in grace”.

Tobin should have read Saint Augustine (+430) who explains that Christ was baptized "not because he had need to be cleansed" but by the contact of his flesh the waters were purified and received the power of cleansing.

Therefore, according to the Catechism of Trent, Christ instituted through his baptism the sacrament of baptism and gave to the water the power of sanctifying.

Picture: Joseph Tobin, #newsHdjudqpico
Holy Cannoli
225lb dead lift by this theology challenged cow with a spotter no less. 🚬
Forget theology, tough guy, and keep writing love notes to your significant others.
goodnight my love
biiootiful ... thus to all sinners (all of us) bent your knees and acknowledge that Christ did stood with us sinners BUT NOT seeking redemption but GIVING US REDEMPTION by cleansing the waters of baptism ...
His eminence didn’t retract his comment that Jesus was “reborn in grace.” New Tweed from today.
Cardinal Tobin ,are you really catholic ?????
You can forgive him. He wrote this when he was heartbroken when his Italian actor "friend" left his rectory.
Is this picture true? I've never heard of a priest spending his time lifting weights. Nah, this can't be true.
Dr Bobus
A theological illiterate.
Another example of a prelate who doesn't know Catholicism 101.
"Eccles" on Twitter said, "The sort of stuff you come out with if you want to do well in the World Cup of twitter.com/hashtag/badcardinals" 😀
Are we really surprised by these outrageous statements from clerics anymore. No, we expect them! Our Lord is with us always and you can always find men of God who offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Pretty sure one of those weights he used to push his s--t uphill fell on his brainless head!
Then the Holy Spirit came down from heaven like a dove and there was a voice: "Nighty Nite, Baby. I love you."
Does he seriously mean to say Jesus was lacking in grace before He underwent the baptism of John?
De Profundis
Sounds like Adoptionism. Christ as the Incarnate God was full of grace from the first moment of His conception (incarnation) as man.
Here is his formally heretical Tweed.
Why is this Cardinal hugging Young men?
should he better hug old maidens ?