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Deaf-Mute Argentineans Used for Abuse Propaganda Against Francis

The abuse hype organisation ECA plans to abuse Argentinean deaf-mutes for a rally in Rome.

ECA was set up by the Seattle lawyer Timothy Law after having met David Clohessy, an American abuse advocate, who was described as a “master of deceit.”

This week, Law wanted a private audience with Francis for ECA but received no answer. So, he decided to stir up the media.

The deaf-mutes are allegedly connected with the Catholic Provolo Institute for the Deaf’s branch in Mendoza, Argentina, where some abuses took place.

ECA Plaintiff lawyers want to submit a report on the now resolved case in which they personally accuse Francis of a “cover-up.”

This is yet another example, that abuse advocacy is not about preventing abuses, but about making money and putting forward gratuitous accusations against the Church.


We are in a century where everyone is making fire with every kind of wood. We have no right to use the disabled as guinea pigs, one way or another. There is more than enough of the Antichrist to deceive everyone, so let's not imitate him. (It's a blind man talking to you: )
Novella Nurney
If you lie enough, you will be generally thought of as a a liar. No pity for the Vatican.