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Zen: “Vatican Does Everything To Hand Church To Enemy”

Those Catholics who are still allowed to practice their faith in China "are slaves," Cardinal Zen told (February 13, video below).

He expects the underground Catholic Church to disappear, “because of the wrong policy of the Vatican.”

“The Vatican has done everything to hand the Church over to the enemy,” Zen says and gives examples:

• the secret September 2018 agreement,
• the legitimisation of excommunicated State bishops
• the deposition of two legitimate Catholic bishops,
• the 2019 guidelines ordering priests to register with the Communist State Church.

Zen calls this "terrible."

In fact, the Vatican is doing to the Chinese Church what it did before to the Church in the West: selling it to the governing elites.


Augustine Trung
they should be low key support each other 🤒 this is so sad!
It is well known that the Antichrist wants all men to be his slaves, so there is no reason to be surprised.