It’s Definitive: No Word About Abolishing Celibacy in “Querida Amazonia”

The author of (February 11) read the complete text of Francis' Post-Synodal Exhortation "Querida Amazonia."

He reports, “There is not a word about viri probati [married priests] and an Amazon abolition of celibacy.”

Francis asks not only to pray for new priests but also to encouraging those who show a missionary vocation for the Amazon region.

News that the document orders the creation of a commission to study the possibility of married priests, is erroneous.

As a whole, Caminante-Wanderer calls the document “rubbish” of the “most stinking and most toxic” kind,

“From now on, not only Tucho Fernández, but also Mario Vargas Llosa and Pablo Neruda, who are quoted verbatim, will be part of the famous ‘ordinary magisterium’.”

SCOOP! It is definitive: the Antechrist-Bergoglio approves married priests (see numbers 1-2-3 of the Masonic vault).
Antipopes often corrupt and poison the faith.
That is what makes them so pernicious and lethal.
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