Did Francis Just Extoll the Underground Old Rite Liturgies During the Corona-Crisis?

The coronavirus-crisis should make us aware of “the cry of the poor and of our gravely diseased planet,” Francis paints a gloomy picture in his preface for Cardinal Walter Kasper's recent coronavirus book which was published on Tuesday.

Francis excuses “the governments” for having been “forced” to ban public Masses, even at Easter, because of the Coronavirus. In reality, in many countries Francis and his bishops locked the churches - not the governments.

He expresses his belief that “many” of the isolated faithful found the presence of Christ wherever two or three “gathered” in His name. Did he refers to the many Old Rite Liturgies which were celebrated underground despite Francis' prohibition?

Picture: Franciscus, Walter Kasper, #newsKfxmwjuizu

Jim Dorchak
Why do they look like they are going to suck face?