Deserved Punishment? Not Ordained For Having Visited World Youth Day

Four priests were ordained for Shanghai Regime Diocese on Saturday. AsiaNews.it reports that they were supposed to be five.

Deacon Paul Yang Dongdong, 34, was not ordained after an intervention of the government because he privately attended the July 2016 Krakow World Youth Day. Most World Youth Days are conceived like rock concerts, combined with some sightseeing, and Novus Ordo sacrileges.

Sources hope that Yang’s exclusion from the priesthood is only temporarily. The Ordination Mass was presided by Regime Bishop Joseph Shen Bin of Haimen (Jiangsu), the vice president of the Council of Bishops and of the Chinese Patriotic Association. When consecrated in 2010, he was recognised by both the Chinese government and the Vatican.

Shanghai Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daqin, 52, was not allowed to attend the ordination. He was put under house arrest at the Sheshan seminary in 2012 and has not been allowed to exercise any episcopal functions since. After the house arrest, the seminary was closed. Priestly ordinations resumed only in 2017.

"and Novus Ordo sacrileges". World Youth Day was initiated by Saint Pope John Paul II. --proving even saints can err. It's unlikely that piety motivated the Communist Chinese government to deny an ordination. ;-)
Bree A Dail has requested comment from Holy See Press, on if this follows regulations laid out in the Sino-Vatican deal. No response.