Finally: Anti-Catholic Founder Leaves Anti-Catholic Community

After several missed deadlines, the founder of the ecumenical community in Bose, Italy, Enzo Bianchi, 78, is finally leaving the group he founded.

The reason for this departure is a conflict between Bianchi and Luciano Manicardi who succeeded him as the superior of the community. Bianchi announced on Twitter.com (7 June) that he was taking the "exhausting, painful" step. He would move to accommodation near Turin provided by friends.

For more than a year, Bianchi had refused to leave Bose despite repeated orders from Francis and the Vatican Secretariat of State. Bose is a hotbed of modernism.

In this murky story, Francis showed his well-known duplicity although Bianchi is/was his unconditional follower. On the one hand, Francis personally sent Bianchi into exile, on the other hand, he wrote to him at the end of April the taunting words: "Brother, you are now on the cross like Jesus, but I am by your side."

Picture: Enzo Bianchi, © Niccolò Caranti, CC BY-SA, #newsCezwexmvco

So the founder of this ecumenical movement has been forced to leave due to internal divisions. The irony of it all ! 🤭