PiusX-Priest Dies Only Months After Ordination

Father Daniel Yagan died unexpectedly last Monday morning (June 7) in his room in Our Lady of Victories Parish, Manila, the largest PiusX priory in Asia.

Yagan was ordained a priest on December 5, 2020, in South Africa. He received his diaconal ordination 2019 in Australia. Before his death, he suffered from undetected health problems. Last week, he had several doctors appointments to find the reasons for his malaise. He received antibiotics because the doctor suspected pneumonia.

In the last days, he was living in quarantine, offering Mass in his room by himself, and eating there too, although he had tested negative for Covid-19. Yagan was still up and walking around the priory on Sunday afternoon and in contact with his fellow priests on Sunday evening.

He will be remembered for his zeal in the confessional. Requiescat in pace.

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