VatiVision: The Vatican’s Most Recent Technical Adventure

The Vatican's prefect for Communications, Paolo Ruffini, presented on May 4, an Italian-speaking video-on-demand service for religious content.

The service will be launched on June 8. Despite the name, which was only registered in September 2019 and is an unfortunate reminder of VatiLeaks, the Vatican is neither funding the service nor in control of its content.

News reports presented hyperbolically as a "streaming service" or a “Catholic Netflix.” However, the technology behind its current version does not corroborate this claim.

At the starting line, is already outdated. It corresponds not even to the “Web 2.0” from 2003 which has since been replaced by social media. Comments, likes or any sort of user participation are not supported. There is currently not even a search available.

Its HTML-markup is very simple. It took likely only a few days to create it.

The platform doesn't host or stream videos but uses a Microsoft cloud. This creates an additional ethical problem as Microsoft, a multi-billion, multinational money-making machine, hardly is in keeping with Francis' visions about "poverty."