alfred dunn
Hmmm,, not very manly, is he?
Why doesn´t Timothy Dolan fire this clown?
Alex A
Why doesn't Francis sack Dolan? If every 'clown' in the priesthood was to be fired, how many priests would the church be left with? Not many I fear.
It is better to have less priests but good priests than many priest but bad priests.
He hasn't been elected yet. ;-)
It's not a Catholic parish, that is for sure
St. Paul the Apostle, pray to the Lord our God for us!
Domenica Mossa
What??? This priest should be excommunicated!!!! Lord Jesus please cleanse your Church!!! Lord Jesus come, please!!! Terrible, through this Priest out of the Catholic Church.
Mike Tierno
can't even bring myself to watch this sacrilege
Biden did not win yet and the media has no authority to determine who is the winner...our lady of sorrows pray for us...
America will be saved by the virgin of all virgins...
Our Lady of Sorrows
Imagine thinking the elites would let you choose POTUS(President) when they won’t even let you choose how many ppl you have Thanksgiving dinner with.…her/status/1325323660169793536
Melvin Abel Lourenco
Despicable so called shepherd of faith.God have mercy on him..👎👎👎