Homosexuals Threaten to Murder Priest

„Christians shouldn’t support Pride Month,“ said El Cajon, California, based Chaldean Catholic Father Simon Esshaki in a social media video which was banned on (below) while completely deleted Esshaki's account.

Esshaki explains that Christians "love" homosexuals, but don't agree with their behaviour. “It's not best for someone that they are supported in their sinful actions” which could be "homosexual actions, any other type of lustful actions, or any type of sin,” he stressed.

For such truisms, Esshaki received death threats and had to suffer thousands of harassing, hateful and insulting comments. Angry homosexuals dishonoured his picture and uploaded it on gay dating sites (article’s picture).

Esshaki said in a June 4 reply that he prays for his persecutors (cfr. Mt 5:44).


De Profundis
Above is one reason, why we need Here is another
Dr Bobus
A Chaldean
Alex A
Stand tall Father. The faithful are sorely need of the truth.
Well said father, although I have no idea why there's a photo montage of you as a Gay person, I suppose they are mocking you. God bless you Father for defending God's teaching in regards to sin, and sinners.
Hugh N. Cry
Disgusting sodomites.
We pray for you Father. We pray for sinners and their conversion. We need priests like you.
God does not hate the sinner but his sin, if the sinner does not repent WILL GO TO HELL.