Financial Scandal in Vatican’s Sistine Choir

Michelangelo Nardella, the manager of the Sistine Choir which sings during pontifical ceremonies, has run off with his family to the United States a couple of days ago, writes (July 3).

Nardella is suspected of having stolen money and falsified signatures attributed to high officials of the Secretariat of State. The choir’s July U.S. tour has been suspended.

Nardella used to live in the 400 square meter apartment of the late Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci who directed the choir for 41 years.

It is located in an extra-territorial historic building, in the center of Rome (via del Monte della Farina 64). Nardella's wife, a psychologist, had set up her office in Bartolucci’s former chapel.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsMqupxuooyz
@Prayhard lulz as if it began with Bergoglio. as if it hasn't been going on for MILLENIA.
The Bergoglian Vatican is a sewer with apologies to sewers.
Thieves? like Zig Zag
Holy Cannoli
Was the Sixtine Choir [sic] named after the Sixtine Chapel? 😁
Holy Cannoli
In a somewhat related story.…/humanities.high…

Hear the only castrato ever recorded
sing “Ave Maria.”