Establishment Coverage: Even Francis’ Supporters Know that “The Dictator Pope” Is True

Henry Sire, the author of The Dictator Pope, who since the publication of his name has been suspended as a member of the Knights of Malta, disputes the knights claim that his book is a “vile attack" against the Francis.

In an email to the establishment agency AP Sire said that he defends the sanctity of the papal office against an incumbent who, as many Catholics now see, "falls notably short of the character that has been expected of a pope for centuries”.

AP states that Sire paints a sometimes brutal portrait of Francis but admits that even Francis' supporters say that it "bears some truth”.

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De Profundis
"Modernists shrink from beauty like a vampire from holy water" Henry Sire, Phoenix From The Ashes
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
👍 Dictator Pope official site @DictatorPope @ctrlamb @austeni @antoniospadaro My critics relish put-downs and innuendo, but none have actually challenged anything at all in out since Nov. Not comfortable with facts, gentlemen? Thanks for the publicity, though. 👍
De Profundis
The utterly spurious narrative that Fra’ Festing was removed as GM of the SMOM because of anything to do with “opposition” to Pope Francis or “Vatican II” is re-emerging. The mendacity of professional journalists pushing or repeating this falsehood is inexcusable.
Católicos Apostólicos
Dear brother Henry Sire your are right Bergoglio is a dictator. That's not the Catholic Church is a dictatorship
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Sire comments on Twitter: "Dear friends, it's been a rather hectic week. Happily, my suspension from the Order has been botched, and I'm terribly grateful to ... many critics for doing so much to propel my book to global bestseller status. The attacks? Sticks & stones..."