Patriarchate of Constantinople Dives Into Homosexualism

Two surrogate children produced by the homosexual fashion designer Peter Doundas and his Greek concubinist Evangelos Bousis were show-baptised in Athens on July 9.

The ceremony was performed at Panagia Faneromeni Church by Archbishop Elpidophoros of America who belongs to the Patriarchate of Constantinople and is “a great friend” of homosexuals according to Greek oligarch media.

Bousis then promoted the performance on the internet as the "first openly homosexual baptism" among the Greek Orthodox. He thanked Elpidophoros for advancing "change and love" without condemning anyone and for "honouring" the two homosexuals in doing so.

In this way, the concubinist proved that he was concerned with exploiting baptism for propaganda purposes and that he had no interest in its religious significance.


Wilma Lopez shares this
“Eastern Orthodoxy is the answer.” Eastern Orthodoxy:
John A Cassani
The only answer is the Catholic Faith, whole and entire. This should be obvious to any Catholic, but it is no longer the position of the College of Bishops, or their Chairman, so we have to get the word out.
Malki Tzedek
Baptism is always a blessed event but the secular motivations for this trivialize and mock the very essence of this sacred moment in the lives of these children. So sad.
Greeks being Greeks...........