Catholics Protest: Cowardly Roche Chickens Out

On 10 May, the French bishops organised a meeting in Paris on liturgical and sacramental issues with Cardinal Roche, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Liturgy.

When the Catholics learned of the forthcoming event, Roche cancelled his presence at short notice and sent his secretary, Monsignor Viola, instead. The Catholics did in fact attend, displaying banners reading "No to the liturgical war" (Riposte-Catholique.fr).

For a service in the church of Honoré d'Eylau, the Novus Ordo bishops locked themselves in and threw the Catholics out (video below). In the end, the prelates sheepishly left the church through a back door. Two bishops, too willing to bless homosexuals, even pushed away the faithful who asked for a blessing.

Finally, two priests, hiding behind lay clothes, told the Catholics to "leave them alone".

Picture: Riposte-Catholique.fr, #newsUpztsrnsgp

Wilma Lopez shares this
At the last minute Cardinal Arthur Roche has cancelled a trip to Paris where he was to address a May 10-11 seminar on the liturgy
English Catholic
This shows +Roche has no honour. If he really believed in the rightness of his actions, he would confront any opposition. But he prefers to hide and skulk around in the dark, because he knows what he is doing is wrong and is being done for malicious and spiteful reasons.
Jan Joseph
Geweldig, protesten voor het Universele Tridentijnse Romeinse Rooms Katholieke geloof van voor het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie. Hieruit blijkt dat het Tweede Vaticaanse Novo Ordo Katholicisme, het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie een zeer grote mislukking is.