Jill Biden we need more men to stand with the women they impregnate and support them and care for the child. That's what real men do. They don't try and "fix the problem" by creating another problem!

Jill Biden: "We Need More Men" to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions - LifeNews.com

Jill Biden urged men to join the fight for women’s rights Wednesday at the White House, including the non-existent …
True Mass
Jeffrey Ade
@aderito Very profound statement!
rose dedell
And she's Catholic!!! (So she says).
There's no objective proof that "Doctor" Jill ever converted. She remains a presbyterian.
The woke women use men to have sex with them and then use men to promote abortion ,they dont really love anybody ,not even themselves ,THEY ARE TOTALLY DECEIVED