Ratzinger Text: Concept of "Human Rights" Is Destructive

“If God does not exist, human rights collapse” is a text Benedict XVI wrote in 2014. It was published by Sandro Magister on May 8.

Benedict XVI writes that he realised only in 2014 that there is a discontinuity between the precedent popes and John XXIII's encyclical Pacem in Terris (April 1963) that was pushing for the recognition of "human rights".

Until then, the agnostic concept of "human rights" was condemned by the Church because it is severed from God's authority, confuses truth and falsehood, and ultimately places "human rights" at the mercy of the whims of human legislators.

Now, the former Benedict XVI has reached a similar conclusion, that is to say, that "human rights" without God are ultimately reduced to "pragmatism".

According to Benedict such an agnostic concept leads to the "destruction of the idea of right" and to the "nihilistic ‘right’ of man to negate himself" like in abortion and suicide.

According to Ratzinger, "human rights" separated from God lead to the negation of Christianity.

The text will first be printed in a new book on May 10.

Dr Bobus
Although BXVI claims to be in harmony with Pacem in Terris, he is not. The encyclical links human rights to natural rights/natural law, then to God. The Ratzinger text is skeptical of using natural law because it is not self-evident, instead he directly invokes God.

The existence of God, however, is also not self-evident.
Silently, the EU formulated abortion as a "human right" on March 1st .
It can't hurt to have this stuff on the record, even though we hurtling to hell in a handbasket.