President Trump he did more for catholics and pro life than any other catholic president . and the democrats and the deep state ,hate this men ,they made up lies to impeach him twice .But for the sake of this country i would hope that Trump would support Di Santis to be the next president .
What US president is (Biden), USA is now. I supported Trump but now I don't believe he can be the president again.
John A Cassani
Totally agree. He can only serve one more term anyway, and the Media, Deep State, and entire Oligarchy would spend every moment of a second term subverting him, and his supporters even more. This country’s can’t be saved without turning back to God. Trump certainly can’t do it.
Only Jesus the King can bring back all we need. Every president is like a Saul, no matter what country is, even in my country - Poland. Sooner or later Deep State is going to twist every government's arms. Jesus the only King of our nations or we are going to go on God's Judgement Day. Sorry for my English.
Laura Yunque
Thank you, jac05.
Jeffrey Ade
@jac05 Yes that is Our Lady of Fatima's message! And since we haven't listened and fulfilled her requests we have to deal with the fall out! But don't worry your English is fine!