Viganò: Francis Is "Blind Man" With "Withered Heart"

Francis' Fratelli tutti ignores the "transcendent dimension" and "Catholic morality," Archbishop Viganò told LifeSiteNews.com (October 14).

He asks what "brotherhood" - the encyclical's main theme - could ever exist if killing unborn children is considered irrelevant.

Viganò sees in Fratelli tutti "no breath of love" neither for God nor for man because the encyclical, instead of waking up modern man of his "hypnotic spell of do-goodery, ecologism, pacifism, ecumenism, and globalism," confirms him in this.

In order to do good to a sinful and rebellious man, it's necessary to explain to him that by distancing himself from God he will become a slave of Satan and of himself, Viganò explains and concludes, "No sense of brotherhood with other damned souls can remedy enmity towards God.”

Viganò questions the “utopian, transient dream" contained in Fratelli tutti which is "closed" to God's Grace.

For Viganò, the encyclical shows “the emptiness of a withered heart, of a blind man deprived of supernatural sight, who gropingly thinks he can give an answer that he himself first ignores.”


Thank you Archbishop Vigano
John A Cassani
I think that a more traditional image of Eve might be more appropriate here.
Andrew Nelson
I agree.
I agree with Mr. Cassani
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