Francis Has Made His Entrance Into Biden's Oval Office

Joe Biden displays a picture of Francis behind his desk. It is placed among a collection of family photos which American politicians often display in their background in order to make the public believe that they are human beings with human feelings.

Biden also brought into the Oval Office a bust of the Mexico born socialist Cesar Chavez (+1993), a womaniser and father of eight children who presented himself as a pious Catholic. Chavez' granddaughter, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, runs Biden's Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.

There are also effigies of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy. Only Christ and his Cross are conspicuously absent.

On January 22, Biden celebrated the 48th anniversary of the murderous Roe v Wade abortion law, saying he is committed to codifying it and to appoint judges who respect "foundational precedents" like Roe.


Dr Bobus
Biden fits well into Fr Spadaro's confused notions of Faith and Reason.
freemason modernist jesuits MATES
Holy Cannoli
One way your “devout Catholic” Joe Biden is saving the climate: dead babies don’t produce carbon.
Pope Innocent lll
Ouch. True.