Francis Kills the One Church – Protestant Communion in Germany

Pope Francis has asked the German bishops to find "a provision” regarding giving Holy [?] Communion to Protestants, Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx told the German news agency KNA (May 10). There is no legitimate way to introduce such a sacrilege into the Church.

Marx explains Francis' course of action with his alleged attitude not “to exercise his power” but to find solutions "together". In reality, Francis is an autocrat who has little understanding of different opinions.

Marx believes that the German bishops will find a unanimous solution at their next meeting. In other words, they will all agree [or be forced to agree] to sanction Protestant communion which, as a matter of fact, has been introduced in Germany decades ago.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Universität Salzburg (PR), CC BY-SA, #newsJewsizxiwx
Dr Bobus
@Resistenza Cattolica
Truth is not a function of capital letters or colors.More
@Resistenza Cattolica

Truth is not a function of capital letters or colors.
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If catholics resist ,refuse, reject these heresies communion will stay as is in catholic church .Because the church is the bride of Christ ,and as such we should stay in full communion with Christ and the Catholic Church ,because we believe in the holy presence of our Lord in the communion
Dr Bobus
Communion to Protestants is an inevitable consequence of the Mass as Meal virus that has infected Eucharistic Theology.