Archbishop: Francis Has De Facto "Allowed" Protestant Communion

Pope Francis indicated “a clear direction” on Protestant Communion, according to neo-modernist Archbishop Stefan Hesse of Hamburg, Germany.

Hesse is the product of the late Dubia and morning-after-pill Cardinal Joachim Meisner.

In a talk in Münster (May 8), Hesse stressed that Francis has pushed back the [alleged] question to the German bishops’ conference.

Thus, he indicated that a bishops’ conference has the competence to decide the matter [although this is not the case].

Hesse added that the German bishops’ conference has already introduced Protestant Communion with a majority vote.

In reality, Protestant communion has been introduced in Germany for decades. The next step in this dying church is allowing Communion for unbaptised citizens.

Picture: Stefan Heße, © Raimond Spekking, CC BY-SA, #newsFfnveqdzst
Joseph a' Christian
The evidence is very strong, that we are far within the falling away of the many, the apostasy.
Almighty God, bless the remnant faithful.
Not the priests not the bishops not the Pope have the right to change the Dogma of the Church ,The church is the bride of Christ ,and we should respect it as such
"To a hammer, everything's a nail".