Polish Seminaries Undermined by "Progressive" Theology

The Church crisis did not go past Poland, Arkadiusz Stelmach, vice-president of the Krakow Institute Piotr Skarga, said at a press conference in Rome (February 20).

Stelmach reports that "progressive" theology is widespread in Polish seminaries.

An initiative of Polish Catholics collected 150,000 signatures in favor of the indissolubility of marriage but was ignored by the bishops.

Anti-Catholic propaganda through films and theatre performances is strong and has the support of the oligarchs media.

Left-wing political circles with ties to the former Polish communists, work on staging an anti-Catholic Revolution like in Ireland.

When asked how the Viganò revelations were received in Poland, Stelmach answered:"Not at all." The media ignored them.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsHadpttqprh
Francis the Firsty
"Pope" Francis is actually Antipope Francis. This is just more of the same under him.