Omicron: Francis Cancels Our Lady but Not His Trip

Francis presupposes that Omicron Covid is more dangerous for Romans than for Greeks.

He started his Cyprus/Greece trip on December 2 dispite the fact that Greece announced heavy fines for those over 60 who have not yet been “vaccinated,” fearing an Omicron contagion boom, and Cyprus introduced compulsory testing for those entering the island.

Simulteaneously, Francis cancelled the traditional December 8 appointment Piazza di Spagna’s column of the Immaculate Conception in Rome “to avoid crowds.” Specola (Infovaticana.com, December 2) calls this “things of discernment that escape us ordinary mortals.”


Double standards from Francis as usual, just like his Covid Mask Farce.
Martine Bernadette Giambertone
I really hope he trips!
Please don’t say such things.
Martine Bernadette Giambertone
why not!
Because it is a grave and grievous offense to wish ill upon our Holy Father…and I know you know better.
Martine Bernadette Giambertone
I do know better but this man is an idiot! I am not wishing a bad disease only that he trips, I'm sure God would find the humour in this! get a little humor man!
Louis IX
I hope they have the biggest crowd in history at the Piazza di Spagna this December 8th to honor the Mother of God the Immaculate Conception.
Ana Luisa M.R
Servant Of Divine Mercy
Big mistake to remove or change anything to do with Our Lady, I can only imagine how Her Son feels about this error.