Did Bishop Novell Undergo Therapy For Homosexuals?

Former Solsona Bishop Xavier Novell is now living with his paedo-pornografic mistress in the centre of Manresa, Spain, the place where Saint Ignatius wrote his spiritual exercises which is only forty kilometres away from Solsona.

Now, many self-styled heroes enjoy beating the dead donkey. One of them is the notorious Sister Lucia Caram who also lives in Manresa, believes that Our Lady “had sex” with Saint Joseph and, nevertheless, accused Novell of "not being in his right mind."

The Oligarchs' media claim that Novell had participated as a patient in therapies for repentant homosexuals to “affirm his heterosexuality”. However, they badmouth Novell because he supported those therapies offered by Verdad y Libertad.

The parish priest of Suria where Silvia hails from, let the world know that Silvia's mother is active as a helper in the parish.

Novell has been seen jogging in Manresa at 7.00 a.m. but didn't speak to anybody, seemingly because the Vatican has forbidden him to talk in public. Allegedly, he told friends that "when this [romance] is over, I will be very lonely."


If bad priests are a sign of God’s anger at the sins of his people, He must be really angry to allow a bad pope and such bad cardinals