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Vax Radicals: US Diocese Imposes Vaccination on Employees - Pfizer Doesn't...

El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz, 67, Texas, forces diocesan employees to be Covid-19 vaccinated, “not as a punishment," but "for the sake of safety” and as a sign of "responsibility."

In contrast, the vaccine producers refuse any "responsibility" for vaccine damages. In front of (August 13), a sarcastic Seitz said that each person has the right to refuse a vaccination, but must bear the consequences of that decision. Pfizer who produces the BioNtech vaccine doesn't mandate vaccines for its employees.

In December 2020, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith called Covid-19 gene-injections (falsely labelled as "vaccines") morally acceptable despite being abortion-tainted, adding that vaccinations are no moral obligation and therefore must be "voluntary.”

Vaccine producers admit that those vaccinated can still get infected and transmit Covid-19. A claim that vaccinations reduce severe symptoms which are unlikely among people below 70, is unproven. What long-term effects the vaccines have, is unclear.


Jeffrey Ade
The vaxx is a satanic sacrament, and an integral part of the hope trance and voluntary acceptance of the mass murder ritual!
This is becoming the 8th sacrament for the apostates.