Viganò Was Right Again: Vatican Finally Starts Investigating Homosexual Abuses

When Whistleblower Archbishop Viganò accused Pope Francis in July of hushing up homosexual abuses in the Vatican’s Minor Seminary, he was vilified and ignored by circles around Pope Francis.

However, on September 18, the Vatican announced that Father Gabriele Martinelli, a one-time seminarian accused of having abused younger seminarians, and the former rector of the Seminary, who is accused of abetting the alleged crime, will be indicted. Both belong to the Opera don Folci.

Martinelli was ordained a priest although Kamil Jarzembowski, a former seminarian, had told prelates, including Francis, that Martinelli had repeatedly molested his roommate. Jarzembowski was dismissed from the seminary in 2012.

The Vatican explained that the investigation was delayed because Vatican law requires alleged victims to file a complaint within a year but Francis [generously] made an exception.

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