Vatican Nativity Scene Denies Sin, Hell and Redemption

The problem with the Vatican Nativity Scene's controversial featuring of the seven corporal works of mercy is not nudity but bad theology, writes Father Dwight Longenecker.

On his blog (December 17), Longenecker criticises the idea that we can earn heaven with good works. The Vatican Nativity Scene worries him "because it is placing good works front and center rather than the Incarnation.” This way, the religion of grace is substituted by a "religion of works".

Longenecker writes that "they [the Vatican] don’t believe any longer in the need for redemption and salvation.” And, “They think everyone will go to heaven in the end.”

Maria Medeiros
The Nativity Scene is the birth of Jesus not works of mercy , lets not change what happen 2000 years ago .
i Still dont undersatand why not showing ,the traditional scene of Nativity ??
I think we are getting closer to the "abomination of desolation" being placed in the Sanctuary of God
It reminds me of the Pirates of Penzance ride in DisneyWorld
Joseph a' Christian
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Since living naked causes a man to become an example of excellent physical masculinity, i'm burning my clothes.
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Roberto 55
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