Benedict XVI to Former Spanish Opus Dei Home Secretary: “Church’s Enemies Make Noise In Media"

The devil wants to destroy Spain because he attacks the best of us the most,” Benedict XVI told Jorge Fernández Díaz, a former Spanish Home Secretary during a June 17, 2015 private audience.

Fernández, a supernumerary member of the Opus Dei and member of the pro-abortion People's Party, revealed Benedict’s words during a January 22 book presentation (Spanish video excerpt below).

Benedict stressed that “the devil knows“ Spain’s positive role in history. He named the evangelisation of America, the Counter-Reformation, and the Communist persecution in the 1930s.

Calling Fernández to “be confident” he added that “the enemies of God and of the Church make a lot of noise and are very present in the media. However, there are many people who pray without resorting to the media and without making noise. That prayer is very powerful.“

Benedict listed four weapons for "defeating the devil": humility, prayer, suffering and devotion to Our Lady.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsTphtiowiog

OK. I shall wait another 5 years to find out what OD will decide to reveal about present (January 2020) events.
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My understanding is that the People’s Party in Spain is anti abortion.…
Can the composer of the this opening post address this matter please?