Bishop: Nonsensical Youth-, Gay-Ideology Will Save Church

“There is no hierarchy of age in the Church, yet many Church documents are produced by older men” - Bishop Charles Drennan, 58, of Palmerston North, New Zealand, said before leaving for the Panama World Youth day, (February 11) writes.

For him even the final document of the “very dynamic” Youth Synod is "disappointingly dull” and it could have been “so much better” if young people had participated in writing it.

In Panama, Drennan gave a Catechesis for English-speaking pilgrims. The first three questions from the public were about sex.

Drennan answered that to say that homosexuality and “gender dysphoria” are outside God’s plan for humanity “is a rejection, not defence, of truth and thus nonsensical.”

Drennan was named by Benedict XVI.

alex j
I have no idea what Bishop Drennan is waffling on about. Does he claim to be more knowledgeable than God??? More knowledgeable than science/physiological understanding of human behavior or perhaps he possesses some insights outside of the norm??? Or is he just plain dumb and pretending to be knowledgeable???