Only Angels: Opus Dei Bishop Abolishes Exorcist

While Francis is being credited with a revival of interest in exorcisms, Chur Bishop José Maria Bonnemain, 74, Switzerland, a Francis follower, has abolished the post of exorcist because, according to him, “it is no longer needed.”

The last exorcist, Father Christoph Casetti, died in February 2020.

Spanish born Bonnemain who was ordained a priest for the Opus Dei, never informed anybody about this, but only answered to questions of Sfr.ch (November 24), a homosexualist state radio which erupted in jubilation at his answers.

In assessing demonic possession, Bonnemain puts his faith mainly in a “normal solution” like medicine, psychology. “There is no need to try to find secret causes,” he said although nobody has claimed that.

Criteria for determining whether a person needs an exorcism include clairvoyance, knowledge of hidden matters, speaking in unknown languages, ability to distinguish blessed objects, extraordinary strength, occult symbols appearing in the skin during prayer, spitting out objects (materialisation), health disorders that cannot be diagnosed etc.

Bonnemain admits he has no idea about exorcism: "I've never been confronted with a person where I had to say a major exorcism is required."

Retired Auxiliary Bishop Martin Gächter, 83, an exorcist of Basel Diocese, told Sfr.ch that in thirty years he has performed only one major exorcism.

But since there are no more exorcisms in Chur diocese, he is confronted with more requests, he contradicted himself (“no longer needed”).

Christ performed over ten exorcisms in his three public years on earth. Evidently, his example is of little importance for the Novus Ordo Church.

Picture: José Maria Bonnemain © Pressebild, #newsZyjjtskvlv

Hound of Heaven
A sure sign that it is needed is when your bishop abolishes the post of exorcist.
What if there are psychologists?
Very sad and decadent.
Dr Bobus
Perhaps he's just saying that Chur needs a new bishop.