German Bishops Dismiss the Vatican "with a Scornful Wave of the Hand"

Qualified dogmatic theologians belong to a defamed minority among the German bishops and their reasonable argumentation has little chance against the ideological blindness of the episcopal majority.

Cardinal Gerhard Müller writes this on Kath.net (26 November), referring to the texts which Cardinals Ladaria and Ouellet presented to the German bishops during their ad limina visit.

These texts "are on the one hand too noble in tone and on the other hand too high in theological level to achieve a rethinking among their addressees," Müller analyses.

Ladaria, 78, and Ouellet, 78, were dismissed internally by the German bishops with a contemptuous wave of the hand as "dropouts ready for retirement" who will "soon be out of the picture".

Müller observes the "perfidy of a refused recognition of the Roman Magisterium". This is shown, he says, by the fact that the German bishops, only two days after their return from Rome, twisted the Church's labour law in the direction of an atheistic-materialistic homosex ideology.

Their main goal, he says, is to transform Christianity into a "civil religion of the secular state and of the religiously largely agnostic society as a whole."

The bishops pander to the "modern world (whatever that is)" as a socio-psychological service provider.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsRzamhdellq

infiltrated snakes those that do not speak the truth and does not do the Will of God but are willing to do the will of the perverted world
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
A true Catholic Pope would excommunicate, or at least sack, the lot of them.