Vatican Sacks Pro-Gay Rector in Germany

Jesuit Father Ansgar Wucherpfennig, 52, will not have a third two-year term as the rector of the Jesuit Theological University St Georgen in Frankfurt, Germany.

According to oligarch media, the Congregation for Catholic Education refused to rubber-stamp his election because of Wucherpfennig's involvement in the local gay-subculture.

Wucherpfennig who is also the chaplain for a chapter of homosexuals in Frankfurt, has condemned biblical statements against homosexuality and is in favour of blessing gay concubinages. The Congregation called on Wucherpfennig to withdraw his pro-gay positions.

Limburg Bishop Georg Bätzing and the Jesuit provincial Johannes Siebner [and the oligarch media] stand “unconditional” behind Wucherpfennig.

Picture: Sankt Georgen © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsQxtwzcahdd
Too gay for the V2 crew? Some achievement, although those old queens are ruthless if some is problematic in one way or another.
De Profundis
Wucherpfenning has admitted that he has blessed gay couples himself.