New Washington Archbishop Is a Flaming Liberal

The new Washington D.C. archbishop will be the black Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory, 71, (March 28) has learned.

Gregory is pro-gay and de facto pro-abortion. According to George Neumayr, he was a protégé of the late Cardinal
Joseph Bernardin, a big liberal destroyer of the Church.

From 2001 to 2004 Gregory was president of the US Bishops. In April 2004 he insisted that pro-death politicians should not be denied Holy Communion.

In 2014, during the Bishops’ Synod on the Family, Gregory claimed that practicing homosexuals who live in mortal sin “in too many cases" have "not felt welcomed or respected.”

Also in October 2014, he allowed the Atlanta Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to be part of an immoral Pride Parade.

In September 2018, Gregory invited pro-gay Father James Martin to speak in two parishes.

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More like a flaming you know what.
Someone who is pro mass immigration and pro abortion really is a FrancisBishop.
Dr Bobus
He is simply an episcopal politician. No decision is made without checking the direction of the wind.
Holy Cannoli