Francis Will Not Be the Same Anymore UPDATE

Francis’ “small surgery” on Sunday night at Gemelli hospital in Rome lasted five hours, and the two days planned in hospital are now seven.

He underwent a laparoscopic operation (minimally invasive surgery) under general anaesthesia but the medical team was forced to change to open surgery. Several centimetres of colon where removed which are tested for cancer. It’s not excluded that Francis now has an artificial excretory opening (ileostomy).

The official diagnosis was “diverticular stenosis” in the lower part of the colon. "Stenosis" refers to a narrowing of the intestine. "Diverticular" means a disease related to sacs that form from the wall of the large intestine.

If this is the problem, an older person gets back into shape after a month's convalescence. However, according to IlSismografo.Blogspot.com (July 7), Francis’ illness is “severe and degenerative” and could be lasting. Francis will “not be the same” anymore and will live “with many physical and physiological as well as metabolic limitations.”

He will have to undergo regular medical controls including other hospitalisations, and will have to change his life in terms of rest, nutrition, and physical rehabilitation.

The faithful will pray for his recovery and for his conversion, so that he will understand the enormous damage he has done to the Church and comes to his senses at the end of his life.

The Vatican has informed that no cancer was detected. A severe diverticular stenosis with signs of sclerosing diverticulitis was found.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsAzrdpeusyp

samiya Ali
Thanks for sharing, Nice.
atreverse pensar
Maybe we'll get lucky.
...and The Pope will recover his health and this brush with death will prompt him to re-evaluate his theological/ political beliefs. --because his successor/ heir apparent is Cardinal Tagle and that clown will make Francis look like Saint JP II. You heard it here first.
atreverse pensar
The miracle can allways happen
I agree. Truly. :) However, what you said is also correct. It will be a miracle. :D
Get vax go to hospital!
"It’s not excluded that Francis now has an artificial excretory opening." He's always had an artificial excretory opening. It's called his mouth.
Jeffrey Ade
I have to agree to that!
Bergoglian Operation by AkaCatholic.com
Francis' recovery from colon surgery at a Rome hospital continues to be "regular and satisfactory", the Vatican said on Wednesday. Never believe someone caught lying in the past.
"regular and satisfactory" is a phrase normally used to describe bowel movements.. :D Respectful Catholics won't make an obvious conclusion what that implies when it refers to the Pope and his recovery. ;-)