Courageous Scottish Priest Challenges Bishops’ Response To COVID Restrictions

Scots Priest Challenges Bishops’ Response To Lockdown & Covid-19 Restrictions

On this, the Feast of St Michael, The Archangel, Defender of the Church & The Faithful, a priest of the Archdiocese of Glasgow – Father Stephen Dunn…
Stop saying lockdowns “protect the vulnerable” it’s bollocks. They negatively impact child carers, stroke sufferers, cancer diagnosis, Alzheimer’s sufferers, unborn babies, pregnant Mums, the lowest paid, those with poor mental health, and literally ALL children.
Fabulous. Really inspiring.
Will a shortage of priests stop a vindictive bishop from making an example of a courageous priest? Has declining Church attendance ever stopped a bishop from policies that all but eliminated attendance? :/
F M Shyanguya
God bless him and keep him!