Hatred: Two Major Santiago Churches Set On Fire

On the anniversary of a revolt which began last year, La Asunción church in Santiago, Chile, was set on fire on October 18 during violent attacks (pictures.

The fire damaged the building, the dome, and the bell tower. While firefighters tried to save the building, hooded criminals screamed, “Let it fall, let it fall.”

Earlier, San Francisco de Borja church which serves the military police, was looted and burned. The fire brigade managed to bring the fire under control. The article’s picture shows a triumphant arsonist posing at San Francisco de Borja's.


"Anti-Christ False Francis, all these evils during his reign" @Baptist John -and your explanation for all Muslim terrorism under Saint JPII?
God will not be mocked! Be prepared for more until Russia is concentrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as the BVM pleaded.
Augustyn z Hippony
New spring in Church... post Vaticanum II.
It's not going to stop at churches... they will come for Catholics next
Alex A
Martyrs for CHRIST? So be it!
Piñera is such a lame President, goodness gracious!